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Pedro Crotty -- Using Astrology as a Guide

ExplO+re Class: Using Astrology as a Guide to understand oneself and others

I will show the class
– Resources on how to do their chart
– How astrology works and an understanding of why astrology is useful for personal growth
– How to interpret and understand the signs/planets and houses
– A deep understanding of oneself and others -Which people you naturally connect with
– The magic and rewards of understanding astrological alchemy

Pete “Pedro” Crotty is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist specializing in music therapy and has been studying/counseling tarot and astrology for 30 years and has worked with and counseled Psychiatric adults, children/teens with behavior disorders and people with various disabilities for 27 years.Through years of studying people’s charts Pedro has been able to fully grasp astrological alchemy and apply it to helping many people to understand themselves, and others. Pedro just wrote his first book called “Create Your Own Horoscope- A SImple Guide to Astrology” and has been using it as a guideline to provide workshops through the Hudson Valley and on Zoom. Pedro also has been volunteering for the Holistic Health Community for over a year and this is his 2nd year of volunteering at O+. Pedro also plays for the bands WHOAH! and NCM