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Setting Sun

“Dramatic and poignant!” – NPR

“Incredibly well-crafted songs” – USA Today

Quality songwriting never goes out of style. Six records into his career as the front person and principal songwriter of Setting Sun, Gary Levitt shares much with the indie rock of the early 2000s: its spirit of renewed innocence, the poetics of personal candor, and the conscious refusal of irony and snark. But Levitt’s indie aesthetic is also laced with influences from the angst-rock 90s, and the songs of ‘The Feelings Cure’ (out May 19, 2023) are permissive of more than a little darkness.

On this latest record, hyper-melodic, catchy choruses alternate with bedroom-symphonic mood pieces, baroque waltzes, and downhill, propulsive rockers, all decorated by a mixture of experimental synth and moody string orchestrations. A central element of Setting Sun is the dichotomy of somber lyrics layered over upbeat driving rhythms, and The Feelings Cure delivers in abundance. A sonic, harmonic, or lyrical surprise lurks around every corner.

Gary Levitt began Setting Sun in San Francisco, where their first release, ‘holed up,’ was recorded. Later he migrated to Los Angeles and then Brooklyn, finally settling in the scenic mid-Hudson Valley of New York (Kingston, Woodstock). His songs have appeared in a number of television shows, commercials, and a few international films. The current Setting Sun live lineup features Levitt and long-time collaborators Lawrence Roper (keyboards, vocals) and Jonathan Hambright (drums). They are joined in this incarnation by bassist and vocalist John Burdick.