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Zack Fuller

Zack Fuller is a DIY dancer/choreographer who lives in Rockland County NY. In 2019 he co-headlined the Boston Butoh Festival with Yuko Kaseki, with his dance/music collaboration Twisted from Constantly Watching Doves. His practice of dance is developed from a lifetime of wide-ranging experiences as a performing artist including fronting the Washington DC post-punk psychedelic metal band Scythian, participating in workshops and theatrical research with Ryszard Cieslak of Grotowskiʼs Polish Laboratory theatre, and working with dance artists such as Eiko and Koma and Poppo Shiraishi. In 1997 he was cast in Min Tanaka and Susan Sontagʼs Poe Project: Stormy Membrane, and went on to perform and train with Tanaka throughout Japan, Europe and the U.S. His own dance works have been presented at Leimay’s Soak Festival, Movement Research at Judson Church, the Asheville Fringe Festival, the Dance Hakushu Festival, and elsewhere. He currently works as a care giver for the elderly at The Rudolph Steiner Fellowship Community, an activity that constitutes his primary form of dance training. His dance has been described by the Boston Globe as “Cryptic… but characterized by astonishing theatricality,” and “Like an angel coming down Jacob’s ladder to play in the garbage” by the Japanese dance critic Hidenaga Otori.