The Peach Pits are a band from Nashua, New Hampshire, made up of Eliza Jenkins, Tyler Moody, Jake Nelson, Max Carlson, and Kevin Boardman. Formed in the spring of 2015, the band originally was founded by Eliza Jenkins and Tyler Moody as a duo, eventually adding Jake, Max, and Kevin to round out the sound. The Peach Pits signature touch is their ability to create delicate and soaring harmonies among a wall of sonic fury, teetering around a sound that falls between Girlpool and Black Sabbath, but is not limited to either side. They wear their influences proudly, but remain original and creative in their compositions. With a mixture of dual lead vocal harmonies, guitar, bass, drums, omnichord, and a recently acquired 1982 synthesizer every song is a unique adventure. The Peach Pits bring everything to the table with their unique sound and relentless live shows that will be sure to get you feet moving and your ears ringing.