MEDITATION on “Robin X” by David McNamara

MURAL “Robin X” by Michael Fusco and Christina Fusco

Kingston-based artist Michael Fusco says the O+ theme of “X” made him think deeply about the climate change crisis and its potential for mass extinctions. “Normally this makes us think of endangered or rare species, but I wanted the viewer to imagine a world where future generations can only view our common Robin as a fossilized artifact,” Fusco says. “I hope this reminds us all to enjoy the beauty all around, no matter how common or easily overlooked.”

Michael Fusco

Michael is an emerging artist based in Kingston, NY. He earned an MFA at the New York Academy of Art and a Bachelors of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute. From an early age he studied under Peggy Frank at her Young Artists Studio in Livermore, CA. His professional work experience includes fine art instruction, electric motorcycle startups, advertising firms, sign painting shops and battery technology manufacturers.

David McNamara

David McNamara is a the founder and executive director of Samadhi Recovery Community Outreach Center. He is a Recovery coach, substance abuse counselor, filmmaker and Zen practitioner.