Emily Beck

Emily is a singer-songwriter from Hudson Valley, New York.

She started developing her musical abilities while being classically trained to play the violin when she was young. She continued playing in orchestras while she taught herself guitar.

The day her uncle passed away, before her family left on their travel to North Carolina, she wrote her first song.

From there she took guitar lessons at a conservatory but when her teacher found out about her songwriting, her music career began to blossom.

She started writing songs in different styles and forms. After her songs were written, she was encouraged to perform at open mics and fairs.
She fell in love with performing and decided that she wanted to help other musicians share their music, so she went to SUNY Oneonta to study Music Industry and Audio Production.

She started to perform with the Frank Zappa cover band and her musical connections grew. She started being asked to perform at different concerts and events. She met amazing musicians and enigneers and decided to record her EP You Say You Love Me.




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