Guerilla Haiku Movement

Actor and educator Caley Vickerman is passionate about the intersection of arts, education and community building. She is an actor specializing in interactive and improvisational performance, a storyteller and, most recently, a poet-enabler. She is a believer in the power of words to connect us to ourselves, to each other and to our neighborhoods and public spaces.

In an effort to connect her many areas of interest, she founded the Guerilla Haiku Movement, a public art experience that has traveled the country since 2011 joining communities in creative play using the short form poetry, haiku, as the tool for connection and engagement. Through Guerilla Haiku she offers programs tailored towards educational and arts institutions for creative literacy programming, arts integration, internal team-building, and professional development. But the underlying mission is to connect strangers and to deepen conversations inside all of our neighborhoods.

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