Julia Rigby

    I have always been interested in wildness and wild things, and the ways people live with the natural world. Natural history and human history are strong influences in my creative process. Since completing my degree in Environmental Writing from Scripps College in 2012, I’ve found myself painting on sheep farms, cattle ranches, old boats and beached ice bergs. Along the way, I’ve picked up stories from people who work the land and sea, including rhubarb farmers in Poland, seal hunters in Greenland, ranchers in Norway, sheep farmers in Iceland and boat builders in the Canadian Maritimes. Much of my work is inspired by these stories. I also find myself inspired by the flora, fauna, and farms of California, where I’m from. Watercolors, acrylics, and printmaking are my primary mediums. My work has appeared in educational material, on school walls, and in publications such as the Inverness Almanac and the West Marin Review. I enjoy painting on large walls, dusty old book pages, and trash I find lying around the desert.



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