Pros & iCons

When Joseph Mastando (singer), Lenny Morales (guitarist), Nicholas Vaude (guitarist), and Tyler O’Leary (bassist) banded together, they sought to revive the energy and free spirit of the iConic 1980s rock ‘n’ roll scene. Using their business-savvy wit shaped on the streets of their NYC home, Pros & iCons’ four members crafted a sound and look that injected the iConic in today’s mainstream, capturing a rock ‘n’ roll edge that speaks to the rebellion swelling inside any adolescent, wild heart. In the studio, Pros & iCons breaks pop stereotypes and transcends genre. Though synth-driven, each instrumental comes to life with the guitar. From booming solos to infectious leads, each instrumental breathes with the accompaniment of six strings. The group propels the momentum of each track by harnessing near hip-hop percussion; crushing bass, contemporary trap hi-hats, and rhythmic 808s forge the heartbeat of each composition. And through all these hard, traditionally anarchical sounds remain clean, clear, and soaring vocals to juxtapose the aforementioned grit—vocals chiseled with a more classic approach channeling the soulful beginnings of rock ‘n’ roll with a theatrical clarity. Somehow, the sounds coalesce in one fresh and progressive blend that’s uniquely Pros & iCons.

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