The Evolving Wordsmiths
Drey Macon: He captures your attention with his amazing eye for photography, and his emotionally conscious poetry will leave you feeling vulnerable in an astounding way. Drey has encompassed fashion, poetry, and photography that’s understood and loved by all walks of life.

Giancarlo Llaverias: A New Paltz’s graduate who studied communication and neuroscience with a background in Afro-Latino studies and marketing. A lover of the arts and musician who has accompanied Poet Gold.

Jen Herman: A: passionate social justice advocate working to address sexual violence response and prevention. Spoken word artist currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work.

Miles Xavier Wellington-Deanda aka Spokenwyrd: Spoken word artist working as a mental health peer counselor working to address stigmatization and gaps in our mental health system.

Madeline Henriquez: Poet, comedian and personal chef advocating for health equity to reduce disparities and empowering individuals to make healthful decisions and connect to health and social resources.

Joshua “Terruhwrist” Cirilo: What some say is a dying clan, Terruhwrist breathes life to and leads a new generation of socially aware lyricist who has heavy ties with hip hop. His wordplay is innovative and attention demanding in any cipher.

Jo’Van O’Neal: The 24-year-old Newburgh NY native is an enigmatic spirit who channels that mystery into art. Whether it be poetry or music, Jo’Van O’Neal capitalizes on the disparaging nature of his home city and uses it as a catalyst to build his work. His poetry covers a numerous of intersectional sociopolitical topics that provoke thought and emotion.


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