TheFrank Murashow

Frank Murasso, a.k.a “The Frank Murashow”, was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, with ties to the local music scene throughout the years. Having raised family, primarily supporting them as a graphic designer, most of his musical talent has been saved for present days, where at 52, has built a body of original solo material presented at open mics in the Hudson Valley, Westchester and Connecticut, and appearing in artist showcases in New York City.
No stranger to the stage, Frank has performed with Vito Petroccitto, Four Guys in Disguise, The Differents, Graham Dawson, Lailani Martinez, and Rachael Hendricks.
Frank’s strong vocals have been influenced by Elton John, Stevie Ray, Bowie, and Floyd, but stands out as original in his own right.

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