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W.S.A.B.I. [Warped Sangot And Boss Interior] is performance art prog encompassing music, movement, video, & craft led by decolonial Filipinx Brooklyn-based artist, plant medicine & Kali student, Jennae Santos. “Sangot” is the Visayan word for sickle— a farming tool and combat blade that serves as a dual beacon guiding WSABI’s personal, artistic, and political practice in the Harvest of love & community, and the Fight for collective liberation. WSABI Fox believes in progressive art for progressive change. Their work concerns food justice, land & body revolution, and radical love through community urban farming in Red Hook, Brooklyn, art campaigns for peasant farmers & Indigenous peoples in the US & Philippines (Santos’ motherland), feminist survival arts training in Kali, BIPOC-centered herbalism, and more. WSABI Fox upholds rhythm as sacred memory invocation, gathering influence from the odd, the angular, the polyrhythmic, and the infectious grooves of British prog rock, post punk, Latin, Afrobeat, and Kulintang music. Built on a foundation of non-quantized, live-performed guitar loops, time is an organic, malleable construct felt and informed by the present company and environment. Numerous collaborative, cross-disciplinary incarnations of WSABI have included movement cycles, soft sculpture installation, live sound-generated video art, site specific walking mixtape, aromatics ritual, upright bass trio, and full band with horns and strings. WSABI Fox upholds art as a cultural blade that propagates lushness to life and shapes revolution.