Micro-Documentary Shows O+ Festival in Action

From left to right. Gaia, Simone Felice, Tom Cingel & Jason Russo.

We are pleased to release a short video featuring three “story bites” from the O+ community, shot by incredible documentarians, Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein, two of the leading chroniclers of post-9/11 America, and internationally accredited most recently for their latest documentary, Flag.

In this micro-documentary you will go on a trip to the local dentist with Jason Russo of Common Prayer, hear Simone Felice’s harrowing tale of emergency open-heart surgery, and talk community development with the insurmountable street artist, Gaia. You will hear first-hand stories of O+’s national movement beyond each individual festival, and its impact on urban renewal in developing cities and communities.

“Over the last four years, it’s been incredible to see the impact of O+ on a community,” said Michael Tucker. “What started as a simple idea among friends—bartering art and music for care—has completely transformed Kingston and established a model for other communities to heal themselves.” Michael, Petra, and their daughter Matilda participated as artists in the first O+, and have been attending the festival in Kingston ever since, before working together to film last year’s event. Both filmmakers are thrilled to see the seed of O+ spread across the country to new cities like San Francisco last year.

In a combined celebration of the release Simon Felice’s new full-length album, Strangers, Jason Russo’s recent return from recording his next album, as well as Gaia’s return from creating new art in Australia, O+ 2014 invites YOU to join us in uniting our mission of cultivating cO+mmunity assurance, resilience, and downright lO+ve in people and cities across the continent.

Watch the micro-documentary here.