Artists Apply Here

Propose an art installation, performance, or mural for the 2015 O+ Festival in Kingston, N.Y. The theme of this year’s festival is: “The Other”. Submissions are due June 30 and will be reviewed by our art curatorial team.

Kingston, NY: Oct 9-11

Join the ranks of musicians and artists who have gifted Kingston, N.Y. with concerts, murals and performance art. Your gift opens the door to our complimentary health and wellness clinic, staffed by art-loving volunteer providers. Submit here.

Musicians Apply Here

Play a concert in a former Vaudeville theater, a local brewery, an alleyway, or a landmark church in the Hudson River city of Kingston, N.Y. Music submissions are due June 30 and will be reviewed by our music curatorial team.

The non-profit O+ Festival (pronounced o-positive) connects musicians, artists, and health & wellness providers for weekend-long celebrations featuring concerts and performances, art making, and wellness offerings for the entire community.