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Apply Now to Participate in Haverhill’s Inaugural O+ Festival

Submissions are now open for artists, musicians, practitioners and teachers to take part in the first O+ Festival in Haverhill, MA on May 6th, 2017.

The theme of this year’s festival, “Home,” encapsulates the essence of Haverhill — a place where those whose lives are rooted in a historically rich city intertwine with those who have chosen to take part in a creative renaissance. With many buildings absent of art and space eager to engage, O+ is looking to bring a new light to Haverhill. Whether your proposal is a performance piece, installation, sculpture or mural, the art curatorial team wants to hear your ideas. The variety of venues downtown, including bars, restaurants, alleyways and public parks, will bestow an array of musical style and sound on the city.

Whether you reside in Haverhill or are coming from out of town, you are encouraged to apply. Participating artists and musicians will receive healthcare and wellness services at the O+ pop-up clinic at Phoenix Rising Spiritual Center on Merrimack Street. This exchange allows the creative community to receive care, conveniently on the day of the Festival.

Practitioners of all backgrounds and experience can apply online as well; whether you are a doctor or dentist, chiropractor or acupuncturist, podiatrist or any other provider, your healing gifts are welcome.

In addition to the clinic, the EXPLO+RE portion of the event allows for participants and attendees to enjoy classes at different locations downtown. Some classes at past festivals have included yoga, pilates, martial arts and sound healing. If you are an instructor and want to donate a class to the community in exchange for live music and art happenings, you can apply here.

O+ Festival is volunteer-run and needs the help of community members to flourish. If you are interested in volunteering leading up to the festival or on the day of, your time will be exchanged with a wristband, giving you access to the abundance of festivities to take place in May.

Submissions close Jan. 31, 2017. Apply Pressure and Elevate!