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2019 O+ Kingston Theme: X

O+ will celebrate its 10th annual festival of art, music and wellness in Kingston during the 10th month of this year (Oct. 11-13, 2019).  The theme for year 10 is X.

Artists are asked to respond to the theme in their application to make, perform or install a work during O+ Kingston. Here are some ideas artists may consider as they explore this year’s theme of X:

X is the Roman numeral 10. X marks the spot; it is an indicator. X multiplies and amplifies. X is a point of intersection, a crossroads.

O+ Kingston is a convergence of arts and  wellness.  How do art and music support, complement, and magnify health and wellness?

X is a mysterious quantifier, an unknown factor, number, person, or thing.

X describes physical gestures.  X is a kiss. Crossing fingers in a wish, cross my heart and hope to die. X is a vow, sign on the line. X is infinite potential.

X is a mark of negation; it means cancel; it means stop. X marks explicit content. X means eXtreme sports.

X moves us beyond gender binaries.

In fashion, X indicates collaboration. In science, X indicates hybrid. In Tarot, X is The Wheel of Fortune in the Major Arcana. In astrology, X marks the Point of Fortune.

X creates form and stability in cross braces and cross-stitch. X is the Phillips-head screwdriver. Skull and crossbones indicates poison.

X is an ancient symbol appearing on heraldry, runes and flags.

X is contradictory; it can signify both anything or nothing.

Why is this simple form a universally potent symbol? Are we at a crossroads? What needs to be marked?

The O+ art committee looks forward to artists’ exploration of X for this year’s O+ Kingston.