Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020 6-10 pm


O+ will light a selection of murals throughout the city of Kingston

Uptown: “Artemis Emerging from the Quarry” and “Matt” (back of BSP Kingston on Crown Street), “Bilancia” (73 Crown St.), “Know Thyself” (back of 35 North Front St. facing Schwenk Drive), “Pronkstilleven” (289 Fair St.)

Midtown: “Ain’t I A Woman?” (72 Franklin St.), “Años de Soledad” (721 Broadway), “Black Lives Matter” (695 Broadway), “Lifted” (795 Broadway), mural in progress (94 Furnace St.), “Robin X” (59 Greenkill Ave.), “Secrets of the Wetlands” (37-39 Saint James St.), “Survivor Love Letter” (40 Thomas St.), “Long Live Chris Bamba” (Boys & Girls Clubs, 139 Greenkill Ave.)

Rondout: “Their Survival Is Our Survival” (3 Dunn St.)

The 10 murals (below) feature music and/or meditations by Formè (Jared Ashdown), Shawn Harrison, Jalani Lion, David McNamara, Jeff Mercel, Micah, Eduardo Morales, Kortnee Simmons, Theresa Widmann and Yolanda Yolanda. Click on the mural image to access. We’ve also placed QR codes in front of each physical mural that link to the pages below for an immersive public art experience.

Thanks to Stewart’s Shops and the Klock Kingston Foundation for supporting this immersive public art experience for the community